Please help me to help my friends and companions in Nepal

To my dear, dear friends,

It is now my fifth month in Australia having arrived in Perth on 1st January. I will share more about my Australian pilgrimage in another post.

This post is about Nepal my home for 5 months in 2014. You all know about the terrible devastation that has taken place and like me I am sure you want to play your part in this tragedy and help where ever you can.

My friends from Experience Himalayan Nepal (EHN) have had their traumas as well, Phil and Sinju being at home in Kathmandu on the night of the earthquake and like thousands of others fled their home for risk of it collapsing.

All my Nepali friends have replied to messages and said they are safe, Thank God!

However the damage is terrible and I am working with EHN to help raise funds to buy supplies for after the disaster appeal. As you know our memories are short and we forget that the devastation will last months and years after the emergency relief to Nepal has ended.

Phil and Wayne from EHN know who to help and how to help. So please help me to help them. Please be generous and donate what you can to the following :

Please be generous and donate to the following :
Account name: Experience Himalayan Nepal
Account number-18988968
Sort code- 30-90-89
Iban- GB64 LOYD 3090 8918 9889 68

or go to

Please do it today.

Thank you and all my love to you and those affected in Nepal, Noel
Iban- GB64 LOYD 3090 8918 9889 68 or go to


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