The mighty Yangtze river

The photo will not do this leg of journey justice. We departed last night (2 September) from China’s largest city (no its not Shanghai) which has a population of 35 million people.

 The Friday evening traffic jam from the aiport to the boat felt like we met every person in Chongquin before reaching the dock, boarding the MS Grace and starting the 3 day cruise towards the 3 gorges dam.

It has felt unusual being served by so many staff on board the boat (ship) with napkins placed in our laps at meal times and no shortage of food of all kinds. We have great admiration and gratitude for all the staff that have served us on our first day of this cruise.

Noel went for a run this morning while other tourists visted a ghost city. He passed 200 or so army cadets of about 16 years of age. They were clearly curious as he ran past so he said Ni Hao (hello) and about 50 said Ni Hao in reply. It was a lovely moment of humour and connection.

We meet the captain later at his reception and then visit pagodas when we dock. Tonight we have the crew putting on a show of Dynasties through the ages. How fun is that?

More to follow soon. Zaijian.


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