Gorgeous (get it?)

Day 2 of our 3 day Yangtze cruise has been gorgeous. Not least because we have been through 2 of the 3 gorges before we reach the 3 Gorges Dam. The picture is from our cabin balcony. It is about 32c and very sunny at 4.30pm. Lots of fluids required to prevent dehydration. Just like Australia.

We have been staggered at the statistcs related to the dam. There seem to be parts of the Yangtze that in summer are 150 metres (about 450 feet) deep. In winter the level is raised via the dam to 175 metres (about 525 feet). The reason that it is facinating is that we can see at the high water levels a lot of places we have visited will be underwater!  That includes yesterday’s pagoda visit where the high water mark was higher than the door we entered.

Last night’s ship entertainment was a delight. Random members of the crew dressed up in traditional regional outfits from main areas of China. The show was light and fresh with the young crew and passengers wearing large smiles. 

Tomorrow we visit the dam itself and tonight we will descend the lock to get to the next level of the Yangtze. Six ships enter the lock gate to descend and on the other side six ships can ascend. It is the busiest waterway in the world.

A bit more about pilgrimage and service. We have decided that wherever possible we will perform “an act of kindness” per day. Yesterday was to donate to an elderly lady selling fruit at the pagoda. Today was a donation to a local primary school at the gorges.

These are small donations and surely not enough to change the world. However we have no room to continually buy trinkets and souvenirs on a 10 month journey. So a donation to a good cause seems the best way forward.

Tonight the crew perform cabaret after dinner. We will keep you posted.


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