Ahat 56

What does the title mean? We visited a beautiful Buddhist temple on our last full day in Wuhan. In one of the temple halls were 500 life size golden statues of people depicting different types of good or bad fortune.

To know if you will have good fortune for the coming year you pick the statue you want to start with. You then count the next statues in relation to your years of age. So in Noel’s case he counted the next 56 statues. He stopped in front of statue and photographed the number above the statue. That is the Ahat number for that statue and it decides what fortune you will in the coming year. For 10 yen Noel was able to buy a card with the Ahat fortune on it. What did the card say?

“Remember the Buddha and overcome all obstacles to have good fortune”.

We thought this would be a good mantra to keep close to us as we travel. As the Buddha represents compassion and kindness it will be a good reminder. The Ahat card is in Noel’s wallet in case we need reminding.


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