Birthdays, night trains and great walls

Yes it is the Great Wall of China behind us in this selfie. No picture or GoPro footage can do it justice, however we have tried. It shows the weather was hot the sun bright and the scenery remarkable.
The night train to Beijing left Wuhan station at 8.07pm on Saturday. We had a 4 berth sleeper carriage to ourselves and arrived slightly the worse for wear at 6.30am on Sunday. We carried a special gift as Saturday had been Margaret’s (Clare’s mum’s) birthday and plans had been made to have a birthday cake delivered to our Lushan hotel on the Friday for eating on the night train on the Saturday. So a large cake box was ferried by bus from Mount Lushan to Lushan railway station. Train to Wuhan and night sleeper to Beijing before being enjoyed at our lodge. We think it travelled about 1,0000 miles!

We were collected by a lovely English speaking guide and driver. We were driven in a very roundabout way to The Brickwork which has been converted to a boutique hotel. We all had a fabulous breakfast of cereal, breads, eggs and mushrooms. Much needed! 

From there our guide took us to the Great Wall in the Mutianyu valley. Having seen pictures of the wall in the past we were a little blasé. But oh gosh it was so remarkable. 200 years to build at the order of the Emperor 600 years ago. The wall is 7,000 kms (4,500 miles). Like the pyramids there was probably an unlimited workforce of prisoners, slaves and local villagers. Can you imagine being told you will spend the rest of your life building the great wall of China. Without exception. All other career plans put on hold, permanently!

We walked up and down, took shelter from the sun in the watchtowers. Saw lightening and heard thunder in the humidity. And most importantly, we cheated and took a cable car from the car park to the top. Thank goodness.


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