Train to Lassa

With Bejing now far behind us we have arrived safely in Lassa. We arrived at Beijing station at 6pm on Thursday and scrummaged onto the train to depart at 8pm. 

With some manoeuvres across carriages we were finally able to gain bunks in the same carriage and it became home with 2 delightful Tibeten ladies returning to Lasa.

Our first night was full of snoring (neither Clare or Noel) and the first day had quite dull scenery. Our cabin mates kindly shared their local delicacies with us such as cucumber and deep fried peas.

The second night was quiter and we awoke at 3am at a height of about 5000 metres (15000 feet) to snow and a dark sky with a full moon.

At 7am the train passed a lake and it took an hour before it disappeared behind us. The picture above may help give some perspective of the landscape. Had it not been so high in altitude we could have been in the Scottish highlands.

At 12.30pm on the Saturday after about 60 hours we arrived in Lasa. The sun was hot and bright and we knew we were near the top of the world.

Our passports were checked and then a taxi took us to a western style hotel in traditional Tibeten colours of red and yellow.

We have 2 days here with guided tours starting at 9am Sunday. Hopefully we can share more with you soon.


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