Pyjama Party

Doesn’t Clare look great? Well every picture tells a story.

This morning in very hot weather we wanted to visit Sri Rupa Joyti School a few miles down the road from Rupa View Guest House. This was where Noel had been a volunteer two years ago and he was keen to visit the headteacher who had become a good friend.

Noel had not needed to worry about what to wear because for men there is not too much cultural sensitivity about what is worn. For women however short summer dresses and bare arms are less acceptable at schools and temples. With this in mind Clare checked her wardrobe to what was available. The clothes in the picture are the result. Pyjama bottoms a summer dress and a shawl.

Noel thought it looked fine. However Clare wanted to be sure and she checked with the landlady of the Rupa View. The lady of the house also thought it was OK but went one better. She found clothes from her own wardrobe for Clare to wear and so the pyjama party was transformed into a dressing up party complete with sari, trousers, tops, hair makeover and bangles.

It was a lovely walk in 30c heat to the school. So lovely we took the local bus for some of the journey. We took an offering of Coke, Sprite and biscuits for the teachers and then Maniram the head teacher gave us a tour of the school. Noel saw some of the pupils he had taught and some of the teachers too. For Clare is was her first school visit and she was impressed with how organised everything looked.

We walked to a local river which 2 years ago Noel had needed to wade across in bare feet as he started his trek of the Annapurna circuit. Now the bridge that was started is complete and we crossed to the other side with ease. We took the local bus without suspension back to Rupa View on the dirt and stone road, bouncing every step of the way. At one point a landslide had taken a portion of the more recent tarmac road into the valley. Nepali health and safety meant all passengers disembarked the bus and walked around the landslip. The driver drove around the damaged section and then we all got on board again!

There has been an interesting observation about who has written which blog post. We have shared this task writing in our own style and not saying who the author is. To avoid any confusion we could sign each blog as written by Noel or Clare. We could but probably won’t. 


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