Kittens , dancing and writing papers

   Today we woke to rain, which cooled the air in a welcome way. It was also welcome that it gave the excuse for a quieter start to the day. We didn’t have a morning run but sat and caught up with emails and messages instead. Clare is still writing up papers from her PhD, and had some time to do writing and emailing for that. This is possibly the nicest place to do a write up imaginable. The kitten Pinkie came and ‘helped’ by sitting on the keyboard. Should she be a co-author?

Noel went to Begnas bazaar today to buy some shoes for the shower and also to Begnas lake which looked very much cleaner than it did two years ago. Our host here is a key member of a local cooperative which is cleaning up the lake and looking after the environment as a means to help tourism. 

The photo is from yesterday, when Clare had a lovely time trying on saris with our landlady and her daughter. It’s yesterday’s photo strictly speaking, but we wanted to include it as she was so kind and it is a very happy memory! Each evening after Dal Bhatt, Damador practices his drum playing, and those who want to, have a very giggly time sharing and practicing Nepali and Indian dances together on the veranda out under the stars with the sounds of the cicadas and the kitten trying to catch the big whizzy beetles. 



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