Rupa reunion

Friday 30th September is the last day of the month and also the eve of Darshain the 10 day festival in a month of Nepali festivals. It is the last day of school for many children and teachers. If you own a farm or guest house many of the chores go on.
Like Christmas it is a time of holiday and family. The local temple was being spring cleaned and looking lovely. Clare helped the local ladies with scrubbing the many brass candle holders around the temple until they shone.

Today is also our last day in Begnas and we head for Kathmandu again in the morning. We have both loved being in the valley, the peace and serenity of this tranquil setting. We both felt its beauty as we drove through the valley on the micro bus looking at faces and places that have become familiar and homely.

There was also a reunion. In 2014 when Noel stayed here to teach at ShreeRupa Joyti School, he stayed with a host family. Two years on we went to visit again and you can see.everyone (including a goat) in the photo which Clare took.


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