Now permitted and passed

Arriving in Munjo yesterday we obtained our park passes and now have permits and passes to travel within the park. Saturday was a spectacular day. We did not trek far with only two hours trekking under our belts. However we had spectacular mountain views, waterfalls, aqua coloured rivers. Plus the added delight of crossing suspension bridges with donkeys and buffalo.
At the moment we are staying at the delightful Nirvana Lodge in the last small town before heading to higher altitudes and Namche Bazaar which is at 3,400 metres. The weather forecast is sunny but very cold. 7c by day and -7c by night. We have the clothing to be warm and are considering the best route to trek on in the cold. Next Saturday temperatures lift to 17c. We are in a window of cold weather. Ke Garne (what can we do?).

Hey ho off we go. Photos take about 15 minutes to load before we send. Today we had a beautiful waterfall and prayer flag picture that will not send. So we leave that to your imagination.

PS forgive typos and grammatical errors. We type on a small keypad with limited internet. So we often type and send without time to spell check.


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