No one said there were crocodiles!

We decided to have an early morning run before breakfast. The air was cool and the sun warm but not hot. Having found a path that looked like it went to a beach we decided to follow it. As we ran past a fence with a small pool in it we thought nothing of it, until we saw that behind the fence were about twenty five crocodiles of different shapes and sizes. Two bits of good news. One they appeared docile (not that that is an assurance of safety) and two they were the one side of a fence and we were on the other side. Not quite what we expected!
The rest of our day is tame by comparison. As you can see from the picture we have been out and about Catba Island. We hired a little 50cc scooter (with helmets) and pottered around the island at low speed. It is off season so the roads were quiet and the temperature was about 24c and the sky clear blue.

It was a lovely way to see Catba and its beaches, bays and kaste mountains made famous by many James Bond films. A good sticky rice lunch from a little restaurant, more riding and stop at Catba 1 and Catba 2 beaches before tea and doughnut at a Catba Town bakery. The architecture was very French riviera and the bakery items are certainly French influence.

More to follow soon on this island adventure.


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