Blog glitches (apologies)

For avid followers of our blog you may have noticed the beginning of our last blog was a little disjointed. That was because we had an iPad glitch and managed to chop off the opening sentenses. The blog would have read like this;   

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Clare’s sister Gilly, her husband Steve and nieces Alisha and Lucy. It was sad to say goodbye, but has been wonderful to spend time together in such a gorgeous place. After saying goodbye to them, we carried our cases across town up to a new guesthouse, right in the Old Quarter beside the Mekong river. As well as the great location, the new guesthouse costs only £6 for both of us for each night, which will help to keep our living costs down. It’s a very attractive old building with wooden shutters and a shady verandah upstairs where we can sit and write and drink coffee. In the evening we went to a free showing of the black and white movie ‘Chang’…..

Glad we have set the record straight and also included the lovely picture of Clare and her neices walking in the Old Quarter of Luang Prabang so you can see the wonderful architecture.

For those less avid readers who didn’t need the extra clarification we hope you enjoy the photo. With best wishes to all our readers.


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