Now we know

You may recall that we posted last week a pondering question, what is pilgrimage?
This morning at 8am sat at the stone table and bench of our guest house while drinking instant coffee we had our epiphany. We believe we now know what this journey is about.

We had thought it was about the experiences of new places, seeing new sites, the endurance of trekking to new heights, experiencing new rituals and customs.

However, we have done more soul searching and realised that is it more simple than that. It is the experience of human connection with another person. Whether that be a local person or a visitor like ourselves the fulfillment of that connection makes the trip.

We have noticed that certain things aid connection and other things hinder it. A bit like a radio signal. When tuned in connection is easy and if the signal is not so strong connection is more difficult. For example, when we are cold, tired or hungry, if there is a language barrier then it is more difficult to make the connections of eye contact, verbal contact or other human sharing that binds us together, despite language or cultural differences.

This is important because previously we were convinced that we needed to perform good deeds and servive in order for our trip to be of purpose and meaning. Now we know it is in the small things that happen everyday, what is important is the value we attach to them.

The metaphor would be in today’s photo. The Luang Prabang bamboo bridge has been washed away by an unexpected rise in the water level. Connection between the 2 river banks has been lost. How will it be reestablished? 


One thought on “Now we know

  1. Hi!
    Surely it’s still important to help people such as perhaps helping to rebuild the bridge. Perhaps you are there because the “gods” knew that a big strong man would be needed and so sent you there.
    Hope you’re having a fulfilling time.
    Islay X


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