Easy as Pai

Our onward travels from Chaing Mai began on Saturday with our departure from Top Garden Guest House. The owners have been very accomodating with storing the bulk of our luggage so we can travel light with our small rucksacks.

Before we left we had coffee at Top Garden with Caroline and Etienne who are our hosts when we house sit their home and cats over Christmas and New Year. Our conversations were a mix of Franglais as their English and our French blended together. They are a lovely couple and we look forward to staying at their home.

Our journey was to Pai (pronounced pie) which is a tourist town in the hills north west of Chaing Mai. The photo shows Clare on the hammock of our hut at KK Hut guest house. With a mattress on the floor and a mosquito net it is basic and quite lovely.

We ate street food at the night market with a meal of Pad Thai noodle and green curry. We felt we had dined like royalty. With a nutella and banana rotti to follow our meal was complete.

As it is peak season for Thailand,Pai is very busy yet quite mellow. Over the next few days we will look to enjoy the local sites which include caves and waterfalls as well a large white Buddha we can see in the distance.


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