What is pilgrimage (again)?

We said we would return to this subject from time to time and today we have more to add.
Cave Lodge was our wonderful home for five nights. Today we moved to Pencave Homestay (which is really another guest house).  For the next three nights we have a hut with our own toilet and shower for the first time in eight nights. Sharing has been fine as facilities have been so clean. However we relish the luxury.

While we were sat in our new garden home Clare raised a question in about the service of other people and perhaps it is time to return to the usual world and earn a living that supports other people. Again a question mark about what is our journey really about?

Noel found the question interesting and also superfluous. In his mind Clare is always in service with her kind and gentle nature. Where ever she is she shows kindness and empathy to others. She treads gently and generally gives more than she takes where ever she goes.

This is important because it raises the question of what is service and where does service need to be performed in order for it to be of meaning?

This trip was never designed to be a holiday (although we are extremly grateful to be able to undertake our trip) was it to be of intentioned service to others by undertaking volunteer placements. So what is the service we can perform daily? Be grateful for our health and wellbeing? Share a smile with others who are not able to smile for themselves? Show empathy and concern for others in their distress? Deeply listen to and acknowledge another being as they share their story?

Our opportunities for service are all these things and many more. After all this journey is a pilgrimage to new places and meeting new people who are as fragile as we are.


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