At the going down of the sun

One of the things we have enjoyed here in the Thai village of Ban Tham Lod is having a late afternoon walk.
At about 4.30pm we walked out of Pencave Homestay with the intention of walking towards the river. The homestay dog trotted in front of us and crossed the road towards caste hills away from the river. Thinking this may be a good path towards the sunset behind the hills we set off.

By 5pm we had arrived at a viewpoint that would allow us to watch a silver sun sink behind the hills and then we would wait for the sun to set further allowing us to see the clouds change colour from white to orange.

As we stood waiting we became aware of several things. First the quiet. We were the only humans to be seen or heard within this jungle setting. Our canine friend panted from time to time but very quietly. This allowed us to hear the gibbons call each other across the valley, then as the swifts returned across the border from Myanmar towards Lod Cave we could here them chatter and watch them form a murmuring pattern in the sky. We could hear other noises of birds we could not identify and finally a rooster gave a loud hail.

The sky rewarded us with silver, gold and orange. Cumulus clouds went from fluffy white to fluffy gold and then orange as we had hoped. The caste hills embrowned themselves moment by moment as the sun’s light weakened. For three quarters of an hour time stood still and we felt we were witnessing a unique event that touched the hearts of us both.

Minor problem, Noel left his camera in our cabin so we cannot share a photo with you. Instead here is a photo of this morning’s sunrise.


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