Goodbye Thailand, Hello Malaysia

  Our kind hosts, Caroline and Etienne returned from having a great time in Myanmar. We said very affectionate goodbyes in French and English to them, and to the cats Chipie and Bougna. 

Today we flew from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  transferred to the domestic part of the airport, then caught an Air Asia flight straight on Langkawi Island on the west coast. 

Clare was recovering from an upset stomach with D&V (we think she ate some meat by accident, mistaking it for tofu, as we’ve stayed very healthy with vegetarian food up till now). Fortunately Noel did a fantastic job of getting us both through all the transfers and we arrived safe at our new guesthouse on the main road of Langkawi Island. Noel found a small cafe for supper, whilst Clare rested and listened to the call of what she thinks was a muezzin (though we are not quite sure). This is the first Muslim country we’ve visited so should be really interesting. We move to another guesthouse tomorrow which is in a more rural setting. 


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