It never rains but….

There is a scene in the movie Forrest Gump where he and his friend Bubba are in Vietnam and it starts to rain. The rain falls in torrents non stop for about 5 months.

In our new gueat house we have had rain nearly non stop for 24 hours. And not normal rain but the tropical torrential rain that falls with tremendous ferocity. Rivers of water wash down the road and pavement and driveway. The sound on the tin roof of the house means the rain bounces like pellets. All in all very it is very exciting weather to watch from under the terrace roof of the guest house.

The drawback was that we needed to make a short journey for lunch and to return our motorcycle (no point hiring a bike if you cannot ride it). So off we ventured into the wet. We were drenched by the first 200 metres and drenched when we got back. A good thing is we can get dry quickly in the warmth of our room. Not like the cold we experienced in Nepal for which there was no respite.

Tomorrow we leave Langkowi and venture to a homestay on a nearby smaller island called Pulau Tuba. Not too many details and not too sure how we get there. All will unfold as it usually does. Not sure if there will be internet. More news sooner or later.


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