Respite from mosquitos and other bugs

This is the west facing view of our new location back on Langkowi Island the big brother to the little sister island of Palua Tuba.

In comparison there is great prosperity and tourism here. The quaintness of the smaller island and home stay life is behind us. There is a sadness in leaving and also a pleasure. The sadness is leaving the authentic Malay life behind us and the pleasure is not being bitten by mosquitos and other bugs.

On our first night Clare was bitten multiple times she counted about 40 bites the following morning. Noel escaped this but was bitten about 50 times the second night. Both of us are avoiding scratching but the itching is a rotten irration. We have not been bitten to this degree in any other country  and despite using repellent at sunset. We think that mozzies came into our room in gaps in the roof space. Our repellent had worn off and so did not work against the little blood suckers.

We are in resort land and have more tourists around us. We prefer more simple rural Malay life but there is not much here. The beach however is beautiful and the water warm and clear. We ran and swam about 7.30am and watched a sunrise from a hill behind us. We hope to watch a sunset about 7.15pm and swim again. Temperatures are about 31c and very humid. The night drops to about 25c. Similar to Australia this time of year and nothing like the UK.


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