We have settled in to a new guesthouse about 3 min walk from the beach. Each morning we head down about 7am, have a good run, then cool off swimming. Each evening we do the same. There are a wide range of beachwear choices, ranging from full black burkas, to burkinis for swimming (like wet suits but cotton) worn with hijabs, and western bikinis, but everyone is very friendly to each other, regardless of dress. Last night had one of the best sunsets yet (though the one on Pulau Tuba takes a lot of beating). The middle part of the day is around 31 degrees and humid. Too hot to be out comfortably, so we are here in our room, reading, writing and working on papers. It is only five days till we start the journey -back to Kuala Lumpur on 16th Jan ready to fly to the UK on 17th Jan. It feels a strange hiatus. We are making the most of the chance to enjoy the sun, sea, running and swimming while we can ( we are very aware that in a week we will be back to UK temperatures).  At the same time, it will be really lovely to see all the people we’ve missed. Clare is enjoying getting fit and healthy again after her d&v bout and Noel’s 100 + bug bites (Mosquitos or bed bugs, we’ve not sure) are healing too. 

Being here in Langkawi is giving a very welcome, peaceful spot to reflect on what we’ve seen, valued and learned, and to think about what the next chapter might hold. 


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