More blue sky

A week ago we were posting about torrential rain. Now we are rewarded with blue skies and stunning sunsets. No complaints about the weather. We can see why so many European tourists who look very pale come to Langkowi as a winter sun holiday.

It was Friday 13th yesterday and we were fortunate to have had a day on a motorbike exploring new places on the island. As a precaution Noel paid for extra insurance cover on the bike but it was not needed. More beach, more swimming and generally being relaxed as we come to the end of our time in both Malaysia and Asia.

We return to the UK on 17 January for a while. We did have plans to be in Spain for the month of February however we have been exploring some UK options which may come to fruition. It does mean that January will be spent with family and friends who we will not have seen for some months.

We have seen the weather forecast for the next week in Dorset. It is about 25c less than Langkowi. We will be unpacking our cold weather gear before we arrive at Heathrow.


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