Touching base


 Well, we have now been in Dorset for just over a week. We have come from the heat of Malaysia ( mid 30s) to a temperature today of minus three degrees. Despite the icy weather, the warmth of returning to family and friends has been lovely.

We have debated whether or not to continue blogging during this pit stop. Obviously, for those friends in the UK, stories of evenings with log fires, watching episodes of Sherlock and eating hot buttered toast after cold but exhilarating runs in the icy forest are just accounts of your everyday normal ( OK, running isn’t everyone’s normal, but you get the idea). On the other hand, for Noel, Australia feels like home, which must mean we are still journeying. 

From a pilgrimage perspective, all of life has a sense of traveling home.  The journeys we take in in the heart, in the quiet of our own winter fireside are just as important as those which need a boarding pass. The  companionship and encouragement we give each other on the way matters just as much. We’ve been in the UK just a week, but already it’s been wonderful to have time and opportunity to catch up with some of those we have missed, and hear their accounts of their personal ‘journeys’ over the time we’ve been away. We have both been able to meet up with various friends and family, with more to come next week. Clare has particularly loved cuddling her gorgeous new nephew Malachi (see photo with Malachi, and his mum Charlie above). Traveling offers adventure and exhilaration, but touching base brings an awareness of being part of a community of connectedness. 

We do plan to go off travelling again, probably in a few months time when we hope to fulfil a long held wish to walk the Camino. At the same time, we are really looking forward to our new job as live-in carers here in Dorset.  In the meantime, we have more episodes of Sherlock to catch up on!


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