Scallop shells of quiet and Spring

This month has brought a mix of emotions. Clare’s supervisor, Professor George Lewith, died unexpectedly whilst on holiday in Austria; a great loss to many who loved him, and a timely reminder of how little any of us know how long or short life may be. It was also the anniversary for Clare’s dad this month. On a happier note, the gentleman that we look after is doing much better than expected, and gaining strength day by day; and spring has arrived in the UK, with glorious blossoms and buds everywhere.Our ‘pilgrim passports’ have arrived, and the photo for this blog shows the picture and prayer on the front. The pilgrim prayer is attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, written over 400 years ago. We are now pretty much ready in terms of things to take (very little as we have to carry it) and our tickets. What no-one can prepare for is internal. How long will the journey take? How fit are we? How will the people we care about be whilst we are away? How will the journey feel? I am guessing Sir Walter Raleigh felt much the same when setting out on some of his journeys, though he was usually going rather more dramatically further afield. His pilgrim prayer talks about a ‘scallop shell of quiet’. It seems a good metaphor. A small portion of quiet dipped from the wells of calm beneath the apparent turbulence of uncertainty. Just enough for now. Just enough to carry with you. Just enough to share. Just enough to stay close to God.


2 thoughts on “Scallop shells of quiet and Spring

  1. and isn’t the scallop she’ll the symbol of the pilgrim? may your journey be fruitful and a blessing to you both and to all those you encounter on the Way. with love, felice


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