Camino day 6: Mayday! 

Today is Mayday. Every house, church, car, lorry and tractor is decorated with branches of yellow flowering broom. It’s called Maius in Portuguese. Clare  joined other pilgrims in decorating her rucksack too. Walking was easier today for both of us, through gorgeous countryside. Tonight we are sleeping in one of the official albergues in one of two rooms each with 26 pilgrims. We were 37 and 38 to arrive and have bunkbeds. Others coming later have mattresses on the floor in the dining room or corridors. We cooked supper of rice and veggies and shared it with two new friends from Poland and England, having been fed by them earlier in the day.

There feels a sense of common purpose, mutual vulnerability and looking after one another. No one has many possessions or food as it is hard to carry much more than 6kg (excluding water bottles) so people help and share what they have. We hope to sleep well tonight despite the numbers in the room! 


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