Camino day 7: warm and bright 

We changed our walking plans today. Instead of walking to Valenca on the Portuguese boarder we walked just 11kms from Rubiaes and chose to stop at a delightful Albergue called Quinta Estrada Romanis which is about 6km from the centre of Valenca. 
Why did we choose to walk less kilometres? Well first this is not a race to Santiago,  second we did not sleep well at the municipal Albergue last night and our own room felt attractive and third, because we can!

This brings us back to what is Pilgrimage and what is the Camino? Noel in a profound moment said “the words that decribe the Camino cannot describe the true Camino”. There is wisdom in this. We are not medieval pilgrims walking to be forgiven for our sins. We are not fitness fanatics who must walk 30km every day without feeling they have failed their walking goal.

We are just Noel and Clare out for a walk. We have hope that in our walking we will find peace and happiness in our own way. Then when we reach Santiago we will surrender to whatever happens as we enter the church of St James. That is it, no more and no less.


2 thoughts on “Camino day 7: warm and bright 

  1. Dear Noel and Clare
    I am enjoying your blog so much. Good on you for living your dream. I would love to be doing the walk too. I was in Perth recently, staying with Carolyn when had a lovely time together and remembered you both so fondly. With love Phillippa

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