Camino Day 9: missing Portugal 

This beautiful vista is taken just as we entered the Spanish coastal town of Redondela. It is our second night in Spain and we are missing the quaintress and charm of Portugal. 

It is hard to pin down why. Yesterday we passed through Spanish woodland as well as busy roads and industrial estates. The pace feels faster here and not quite the same. Also we had just got used to using a smattering of Portuguese and now that is redundant and we are now using a pitiful “Spanglais”. The Spanish seem to know that we have no grasp of language and just accept us.

Much shorter walk today 15km compared with 27km yesterday. It had been Clare’s longest walk and in heat of up to 26c with little shade she coped really well on her blister which seems to be healing.

We are staying in a private Albergue called Casa da Herba. We missed out on our own double room by about 30 seconds and are sharing a 4 bed dorm with a French mother and daughter.

Today we arrived at 2pm giving an afternoon to rest and see the sights of the old town. This will be good as we walked for nearly 10 hours yesterday and that was too long. Unfortunately we had little choice due the location of the Albergue at Porrino. The daily distances onto Santiago seem easier and with blisters healing we should make the remaining 70km or so without problem. There is rain forecast for the next 2 days. However we were convinced that the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain, so perhaps we will not see too much. 

For the first day we have both been listening to music on our iPods and have said how good tunes help with walking more quickly and easily. 

How are we doing? In the main good, we remain fit and well. We prefer the country to the city and are hoping for more country walking tomorrow. 

We give our best wishes to all fellow Pilgrims along all the Camino routes. May they be safe, happy and at peace.


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