Camino day 11: less showers and more sun

After the full on rain of Friday, today has been more sun and less shower, thank goodness. The picture shows the sky as we were leaving Pontevedra and by good fortune not a drop fell on us for the 24km of today’s journey.

We had prepared for rain and Noel even bought a plastic poncho, perhaps having kept the rain at bay.

It was a good day of walking: we passed and were passed by people that we had met before.  This is the ebb and flow of the Camino. Yesterday’s rain meant many people (Noel included) were cold, wet and generally out of sorts with the world. Today helped to recharge spirits and be hopeful about the journey again.

We have decided now that we are in the thermal spa town of Caldas de Reis and so close to Santiago (less than 40km) that we will make the journey in 3 days and reduce the number of kilometers we walk each day. 

Next stop will be Pontecesures, then Teo and then Santiago. We hope this means with only 12km to walk to Santiago we will be quite fresh rather than tired when we get to the Church of St James. 

Our next pondering will be how long to spend in Santiago before the next leg our journey. 


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