Camino day 13: sense of an ending?

Day 13 we left the small industrial town of Pontecesures at about 9.30 this morning and headed to the town of Teo which we reached at about 2.30pm. 

We were determined to eat well and cook our own lunch, dinner and breakfast tomorrow as we make the final journey to Santiago de Compostela, the official end of our pilgrimage.

We stayed in quite an expensive hotel last night and been having been kept awake until nearly midnight we are now at a public Albergue tonight. 6€ each and it has a kitchen. Noel has unloaded the pasta, veggies and pasata sauce to cook before other pilgrims get the same idea. There is no local shop so if it wasn’t carried on route there will be quite a walk to the shops. 

On the way we talked about the journey and our photo taken in the large church at Padron which we walked into before morning coffee at “Casa Pepe 2” helps explain our feelings. Faith, hope, mystery, safety, uncertainty, prayer and the unknown are all in the picture and in our hearts too.

The large item at the bottom of the alter is thought to be the stone where the boat that carried St James was moored to. The cathedral was founded on the stone that was related to one of Jesus’ disciples . We are sure that all people of Padron felt and feel as we do, that sense of being a part of something special. Is that what the Camino is about?

Or is about the hug and good wishes from the owner of “Casa Pepe 2” who served us coffee, apple pie and cake?He spoke no English however he explained that it was his cafe and he had baked what we were eating. Our hearts were very touched. This was his contribution to the pilgrims he met.

Tomorrow we think we arrive at the Church of St James (after walking the last 14k) by about 11.30am. The main mass of the day is 12 midday and we are keen to be in the church at that time. 


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