Camino day 16: onto Muxia

We are not finished yet. Our official Camino may have finished in Santiago de Compostela, however our journey has not. 
After two days in the city we were ready to move onwards. The weather is against us at the moment with strong showers of rain which have been quite torrential. This means this is not walking weather without getting drenched and we have chosen against that..

So we have taken the bus 62km west to the coastal town of Muxia. From here we intend to walk 31km to Finistere  (the world’s end) which is where we had intended to end of our Camino. Same intention with a different plan.

The wind off the Atlantic is cold and although there has been no rain since we arrived the sky is threatening. We are in an apartment above an Albergue. The views are splendid and we have the wind blowing all around us. First sun and then cloud, the ocean changes moment by moment.

For the first time we are showing a video. The ocean against the rocks in front of the church at Muxia. Words cannot describe the atmosphere of spray, water, ozone and sun as we sat watching this spectacle at 6pm. The warmest part of today. As Noel said this was his church, his place of worship where God and the elements meet to produce such bliss. 


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