Camino day 17: it’s not the end of the world

In the iconic film ‘The Way’, a father (Martin Sheen) walks the Camino in the place of his dead son. After his arrival in Santiago, he continues on to the rugged Atlantic coast at Finisterre (Latin for ‘the end of the world’), which then becomes the real culmination of his journey. We had been advised that so many pilgrims have wanted to follow this example that Finisterre has become very built up. We were told that Muxia, 30 km up the coast, is now how Finisterre was. Due to torrential rain and storms, we took the bus on Thursday to this little coastal village. Happily, by tea time the clouds parted for a few hours giving dazzling light on the scene. The chapel possibly has one of the most dramatic settings we’ve seen yet. It is perched on the very edge of the sea (the waves crash into the entrance in storms). Beside it has been errected a huge slab of rock with jagged split, which reminded Clare of the hymn ‘Rock of ages cleft for me’. Noel suggested it would make a good climbing wall. We climbed a vast granite boulder with the Atlantic crashing around it and shouted our daily prayers into the wind and spray. We then came back to dry out and had supper with our good friend Amel. Having rested all today, we make our preparations to continue our Camino in our own way. 



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