Camino day 18: glad we bought wet weather gear!

We had hoped for a dry day, alas it was not to be. As our walk from Muxia to Leres was only 15km. However the heavy rain in Muxia an hour before we left was the start of what was to follow. Also because we walked close to the coast so we had very strong gusts of wind that almost stopped us in our tracks.

Yesterday we purchased in Muxia some wet weather gear that would go over our rucksacks and come down to our knees. When we experienced rain last week we got wet because the rain seeped inside the waterproof covers of our rucksacks and our rain jackets only came to our waists. So we gave up on good fashion sense and purchased a poncho for Clare and a waterproof mac for Noel. Now we are fully covered from the rain.

Today’s walk was one of the most beautiful we have experienced. Forest and woodland, coast and sea views were an absolute delight. As we got to Leres the heavens opened and our new gear was tested. You can see Clare in our picture on her pilgrimage today just before the rain.

Tonight we are staying at a small and beautiful Casa in Leres and have escaped the ongoing rain for today.

There is a 2 day festival that starts tonight at.7pm. We have heard the sound check from the stage and it sounded dreadful. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Camino day 18: glad we bought wet weather gear!

  1. Dear Noël and Clare
    Congratulations on making it to Santiago! I’ve been following your daily blogs scarce believing that you have been, at least until Santiago, on the same path I followed but two weeks previously. Your reflections and emotional responses were all very reminiscent – I too took some time to warm to Spain after our excellent experiences in Portugal. The industrial section leading to Porrino left the spirits somewhat deflated … My experience differs from your in two respects. Firstly – and there is no easy way for you to hear this – from the time we left
    Porto until the last 2kms to the Cathedral in Santiago, our walks were in continuous sunshine. The last 2kms were in light rain – not enough to bother stopping and putting a rain jacket on. There I’ve said it. Sorry we couldn’t have shared some of the good and bad weather. Secondly, at Pontevedra we opted for the Variante Espirituale rather than continuing to Caldas de Reis. We stayed in the Monastery at Almanteira, then on to Vilanova de Arousa, and from there to Pontecesures by boat in the company of some hard-partying Portuguese pilgrims and a couple of humourless Dutch ones. Legend has it that the remains of St James were brought to Padron up the same Ria and Rio and we thought it a fitting conclusion to our own pilgrimage to retrace the steps.
    It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for Olivia and I and one we’ll remember for years to come. Did I gain any insights into the mysteries of life? None that I am aware of but who knows what seeds have been sown. One thing I do know for sure is that there will be other caminos for me.
    Enjoy the rest of your travels and thanks for including me in your blogs. Buen Camino! Wayne


    • Hello Wayne. Wonderful to hear from you and to hear about how you undertook your Camino. So similar and yet so different, such is the unique quality of each Camino. We looked at the spiritual variation and you have confirmed that it would have been a good experience had we chosen it. We spent a Sunday night at Pontecesures and it was closed. The poor relation to Padron which we enjoyed and also saw monument to St James in their cathedral. We are currently in Finistere planning our trip to Taize in France later this week. Also I am coming to Perth on 12 June for 2.5 months so it would be good to catch up with you. Clare will be with me for some of that time also. Yes we agree more Caminos for us to undertake also. Perhaps the Perth to New Norcia Camino in the spring? Bon Camino, Noel


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