Change of direction

In our last post we were in Canarvon and planning to visit a museum then head North to Coral Bay. That evening in the camp kitchen we looked at weather forecasts. Cold about 22c with strong 40km winds on the coast for a least five days.
However in the very beautiful Karajini National Park it was 34c. No brainer! So we cannot tell you about Canarvon’s space and technology museum because we drove for 8 hours towards Karijini instead. Our first night in a small rest stop where we pitched tent in red dust and cooked up before falling asleep pretty quickly. 

A light shower of rain presented double rainbows at sunrise. Then more driving to Tom Price for water, petrol and food supplies. The last 120km (80 miles) took us into Karajini and a red rock campsite where we could barely get tent pegs into the ground. Hot wind and 34c.

Our next two days took us into the gorgeous gorges (that was our best gorges joke and no it isn’t funny). We swam in Fortescue and Fern Pools, climbed over rocks and kept cool avoiding the sun as much as possible. We drove to Weano and Hancock gorges and descended into Handrail Pool with its botomless cool waters.

Clare saw a harmless snake on a rock where she was swimming which she called Harold. Plus there were lizards and guana as well as varieties of cockatoo, pink and grey galah plus other birds all making their racket (bird song) at 5am. The sunrises and sunsets were very quick and also beautiful as they lit the Hammersley mountain range (actually they are big hills compared to the Himalayas). Our evening meals were cooked on bench seats overlooking the gorges and the night was breathtaking with so many bright stars in a black sky.

We decided with the dust and heat that 3 nights was enough and time to head to cooler climes nearer the ocean. Packing up and leaving early an 8 hour drive took us to a quiet old sheep station near Exmouth which had camping facilities. A shower and clothes wash was very welcome as was the opportunity to use a fridge again. So many of our vegetables has spoiled in Karijini’s strong 41c heat.

The quiet of the station has offered a rest day to read and write our blog (which we cannot send until we reach Exmouth) and generally take stock after 15 days and 3,000kms (1,800 miles) of exploring Western Australia.


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